Digits: A New York Times Number Puzzle

Over at Lifehacker, Beth Skwarecki wrote a nice article introducing the Digits game at the New York Times. Go check it out. The only thing I'll add is that I find it's easier to factor the target numbers at the start of the puzzle. The larger numbers seem to break down nicely.

Screen capture of the Digits game. The target number is 462. The results on the right show my solution and the publisher's solution.
A screen shot of Digits.

To get 462, I factored it as 14 * 33. Combining the numbers to get 14 and 33 is much easier.

As an experiment, I tried to paste the results into the blog. It looks like it worked.

Digits #5 (15/15⭐)

59 (59)   ✖➖➖

133 (133) ➖➖➕✖

218 (218) ✖➖➕

388 (388) ✖➕✖➖

462 (462) ➖➖✖✖

You can play digits at The New York Times website.

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